Our Production

We our producing new event in Bari, 500 participants from all over the World. Hard challenge that make us proud of our precise organization in Italy.

Valentin Bartes

Our key member and director Valentin Bartes is now selecting and organization new edition of Domenico Modugno fest.

DAN-MUS FESTIVAL – 7 days program

Our super event around the World, ready to apply where ever you need to, please contact us at infomiranfilm@icloud.com, we will provide you all detail and logistic to buy our great 7 days International Event.

Enterprise India 2015

Take a look at Enterprise India 2015, nice story 100% for real about a group of people get in touch together and forming a global company network in India. India is changing very fast and the young fellas don't wan tot stay apart from the big deals in town. Mumbai is an extraordinary revelation in terms of action and human side same time, a must live moment for every entrepreneur on the Earth. Mikele Ferraro goes around the city attending events and meeting many partners and people, he will love India since the day one discovering how important is India mindset for the rest of the World.

Ferramedia Holding Oman Mission 2015 trailer

Take a look at Ferramedia Holding Oman Mission 2015, on the way soon!

Miranfilm Production Company

Miranfilm Production has production bases in three locations: Berlin (Germany) , San Francisco (USA) and Bangkok (Thailand).
MF have more than 100 professional-workers among three branch, ready to collaborate in every need of the Miranfilm Production Company duty!

  • Our Berlin branch specializes in European projects with expertise in film, documentary and art production. Berlin serves as the center for Miranfilm's idea and project development. We are able to leverage the many strong relations developed throughout the years with an international and multi-skilled crew representing a vast network literally spanning the globe.
  • Our San Francisco branch specializes in feature-film productions, as well as in the research and development of philosophical/anthropological investigations, with a particular attention paid to the future and the relation between Science/Technology and The Spirit.
  • The Bangkok branch was born out of the necessity to bring some of our current productions to the final stages of execution in Thailand. Our ongoing feature-film project (The Sleeping Ones) is being produced and shot on location in Thailand. This branch has a multi-cultural crew and very skilled collaborators from every part of the world, joining us on our eclectic projects.

At Miranfilm, we love what we do and we love to work in a professional and harmonious way.
We would love to discover with you more of what this world has to offer.
Mikele Ferraro Director and Producer

Miranfilm Production Company Founder

Mikele Ferraro

Writing and budget at the moment

  • Concave Earth theory THEATER
  • Northern Industrial Mindset is Unsustainable VIDEO
  • Oman VIDEO
  • The Concave Earth theory (to produce in 2015)
  • Northern Industrial Mindset is Unsustainable (VIDEO DOCUMENTARY to shoot in 2015-16

PDF on the way soon

  • Oman Reportage (to shoot in 2015 on 15th March) VIDEO DOCUMENTARY

PDF on the way soon

Short Movie


Director: Mikele Ferra
“The first moments after waking up are always alike. Each time you have the time to get scared”. Robertas is an ex paratrooper of the Red Army with an alcohol problem and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is a sudden awakening in an empty church that starts Robertas’ trip through the inside of that part of his past that never quits blending with the present; he needs to confront himself with his traumas that started out during his military service and that he still is unable to explain.
In this state half nightmare half hallucination, an unknown and cruel priest and a probable older alter ego named Fox take Robertas back to the barracks of the past. He finds himself doing press-ups, executing the same hideous orders, but it’s not like the repeating of the same nightmare, he rather realizes that for the first time he is actually facing the idea he had about the service that caused him all the suffering.
Idea according to which during the 2 years of service, a soldier goes through 4 phases, in which from acceptance of the suffering and abuse, a feeling of “higher status” starts to grow: the willingness of command and power towards other soldiers, and through this power, a soldier can bear pain, and finally defeat it.
Suffering and power, month after month one decreases while the other grows.. You do get beaten less because you have more rights to beat someone else. This is because the backbone on which the Army lies on is the principal of Fear. The newcomers’ fear towards the elder soldiers who represent the structure of power.
But time passing means that the end gets nearer, and this knowledge allows the elder soldiers to make pleasure out of suffering, thus entering the “beatitude state”.
Robertas’ reaction is a cathartic cry, the affirmation of “his” truth: one obtains beatitude only when one is a soldier, but when the Service is over, beatitude is over, too.
Suffering actually returns in the shape of a civil life that is no longer yours, of nightmares that don’t go away, of vodka, of that feeling of belonging that slowly fades away, living only a void, filled only by loneliness.
Just as if that paratrooper had really become an angel, because with the end of the Service, his identity as a man is gone too, and his last day as a paratrooper equals to his death.

Latest production

The Sleeping Ones Movie – ongoing production

EDU-Calling: better transformation occurs when Poetry is part of the “process”

We believe that at this moment in history there is a growing need for Humanity to change the paradigm. We need to look at life with different eyes, and believe that happiness and a conscious living in respect and symbiosis with nature is not only possible, but necessary. The TSO Movie represents a small blueprint of how life could be in the nearby future, with all the advantages and disadvantages of the case. We try to imagine how the future will look like under many aspects. We choose Thailand for different reasons: It has a remarkably various and breathtaking landscape, some of us were living in THAI for long time , we have strong conncetion with local Istitution and Companies and the future we have been imagine seems to be here already in some form .
We have a non conventional approach to some fundamental aspect of movie industry and theater community: How we manage energy-flow, how we use money, how we create, how we look into each-other’s eyes and directing. We are a family of friends that wish to give away an educational concept through out a strong visual and poetic movie.
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