*ask for pdf copy by mail mycontainer.mikele@gmail.com
*ask for pdf copy by mail mycontainer.mikele@gmail.com

*download, fill the form and send it back

*ask for pdf copy by mail mycontainer.mikele@gmail.com

*download, fill the form and send it back


Five Technologies one Container

"Energy will be an easy task for everyone"

The real fact:

  • 1,075 billion people living in rural communities do not have access to electricity (OECD 2011).
  • Grid ecxetentions is not a feasable and cost effective solutions.
  • 30% of rural communities are located in not «easy to access» locations.

Stand alone container mounting hybrid renewable energy sources present:

  • High setting up time and cost (lack of automation).
  • A low level of flexibilities in terms of renewable technologies range (lack of flexibility).

Lack of functionalities to help accelerate the social-economic community development (water purification and telecomunication) (lack of functionality).

The Goal

The goal of the project is to create a container with stand-alone gaming integrated renewable technologies, easy to install to be marketed initially in the North Africa region in considerable economic expansion.
This innovative energy generating capacity has multiple outcomes:

  • personal and local empowerment through distributed and decentralized energy production.
  • local job creation in technical maintenance and installation of systems.
  • local entrepreneurial activity by creating joint ventures to develop sales and distribution network.
  • education on renewable energy and job creation.

Our Mission

Project MyContainer, inspired by the models of the third industrial revolution, smart grid and micro distributed generation, wants to contribute to the transformation of society by providing energy products are highly integrated, innovative and easy to use (user friendly) for the production of energy from renewable sources.

FMB Tubes: Mikele and Samuele

REDEL: Mikele and Umberto

The Opportunity

to provide small towns and individual residences with customized solutions for the production of stand-alone energy from solar, small wind and biogas installations such as to create the conditions for local populations to save money on their expenditure of energy and be self-sufficient in the administration of a vital resource for their livelihood...


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General info:

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A better investment for developing countries!

Less pollution more efficiency, no more depending problem, stand alone and be Happy!
20 KW for free! No more Energy bills from fossil fuels.!